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When to travel to Costa Rica

It is possible to travel to Costa Rica all year round without any trouble.

There isn’t any major difficulty linked to the climate (no hurricane nor ruff season), even if it rains quite frequently which is not only an inconvenient.

Each period of the year has its advantages:
• From January to April : Sun, trade winds triggering in the central valley, drought (some areas won’t receive any drop of water during 4 or 5 months). The peak of the dry season reaches its highest point in March and April. However it is less marked on the Caribbean side where it rains frequently all around the year.
• In May : Rainy season begins in Pacific side and Central valley.
• In July : Observation of a relatively dry season with " veranillo " the small summer in the whole country.
• Between August and October : Nice sunny spell on the Caribbean Coast, conversely the Pacific side is rainy.
• November and December : very changeable depending on the year and region, these months mark the transition between rainy and dry season, announced with the arrival of the trade winds.
The tourism activity experiences two peak weeks : during the Christmas and New Year period and during the Holy Week. The whole country is on holiday, the traffic is terrible and beach hotels are fully packed.
The low season starts from May to June and from September to November. Tourists are less numerous and animal watching is much more interesting.
Wildlife also has its own calendar of events, often discreet, sometimes spectacular : the presence of humpback whales, the laying of turtles on the Caribbean or Pacific beaches, huge concentrations of sea birds, simultaneous flowering of flower trees, massive raptor migrations, butterfly gathering…

Do not hesitate, Costa Rica will know how to surprise you!

Caminando Costa Rica > Costa Rica > When to travel to Costa Rica : Costa Rica, seasons, weather